• NPCCC Announcements

    NPCCC Announcements

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    North Porter County Conservaton Club
    933 North Calumet Avenue
    Chesterton, IN 46304

    The above is the Range address and should not be used for correspondence.

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  • Range Rules

    Safety First (The 4 Rules)

    1. Treat every firearm as if it's loaded.

    2. Never point a firearm at anything you don't wish to destroy.

    3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.

    4. Be sure of your target and what's behind it.

    • All guests must sign a waiver form.

    • You are responsible for your guests. Please make sure your guests stay with you so they are under your direct supervision.

    • Club I.D. MUST be worn at all times.

    • Raise the red flag by clubhouse to the top of the pole and secure. Lower the flag when finished shooting if you are the last one on the range.

    • Before you shoot in the rifle bay, make sure the mid-range gate is closed and locked.

    • No ammunition faster than 1500 fps is to be fired at ANY steel target on NPCCC property. Period!

    • The shotgun bay is for shotguns firing of shotshells only. NO PISTOLS OR RIFLES ARE ALLOWED IN THIS AREA. Only #6 shot or smaller may be used.

    • No firearms may be discharged outside of the confines of the shooting bays.

    • Shooting Hours: Everyday 9am to ½ hour before sunset. Winter Hours: 9am to sunset from Dec. 10th - March 1st.

    • Eye and ear protection must be worn in and around all shooting areas.

    • Drugs & alcohol are strictly prohibited on NPCCC property.

    • Clean up after yourself. Pick up brass (reloadable or not) and dispose of all garbage, used paper targets, etc.

    • Bring all targets, target stands, tables or any other prop used up range when finished shooting.

    • On scheduled match days, only the bays used for the match will be closed until after the match and it is determined safe to shoot by the match director.

    • On match days, gun handling is only allowed in designated safe area, unloading area, and on the firing line. NO gun handling is allowed in the parking lot, i.e., at the trunk or inside the car in the parking area or any other area not designated as a safe area.

    • ABSOLUTELY NO ammunition is to be handled in the safe area! Ammunition may be handled at the unloading area only as needed to unload and clear loaded firearms brought into the club; i.e., carry guns.

    • All firearms on the range must be secured when not shooting. If firearms are not made safe and/or holstered, they must have the actions cleared and locked open.

    • Steel targets must be shot at a distance of no closer than 30 feet due to the ricochet hazard.

    • Targets must not be shot or placed in a position where shots fired will impact the ground before striking the berm. This is an extreme ricochet hazard!

    • DO NOT shoot or hang targets on rifle racks, barricades, tables or any other props in any of the shooting bays. DO NOT use anything glass as a target.

    •PROHIBITED TARGETS: Explosives & tannerite, pressurized containers, anything containing chemicals & glass.

    •Any NPCCC member may not bring more than two guests to club at any one time, excluding family members or significant others.

    •Any NPCCC member may not bring the same guest more than two times per membership year, excluding family members or significant others.

    •Be aware of the direction of the muzzle of your firearm at all times. Especially when reloading, dry firing, clearing jams, examination, etc. DO NOT break a 180 degree line of fire in any direction from down range.

    • While sharing a bay with other shooters. All shooting must be done from the same firing line. Recognize all "cease fires" and NO shooting while anyone is down range. No one will touch any firearms at or behind the firing line at this time. If guns are not made safe and/or holstered, they must have the actions cleared and locked open.

    • If the hammer is dropped on a chambered round and it does not fire, keep the firearm pointed down range for at least 30 seconds to allow for a possible hangfire. After this waiting period, open the action, clear the chamber and check the barrel for obstruction.

    • DO NOT point the gun at yourself to look up the barrel for obstruction. Use a rod to check for obstruction.

    • If the barrel is obstructed, DO NOT attempt to chamber or fire ammunition in the firearm until the obstruction is fully cleared.